Face ID
Face ID
Face ID is a software and hardware complex for face recognition and analytics based on deep neural networks and computer vision algorithms.

Face ID

Face ID provides extensive functionality for working with faces through:

– detection;
– highlighting special points;
– extraction and comparison of features (biometric data);
– classification by gender, age, race;
– semantic segmentation;
– recognition of emotions and beauty;
– checking the presence of a medical mask.

Face ID is equipped with an antispoofing system and is a reliable mean of identifying a person by face. Moreover, one selfie is enough for the successful identification. It does not require the submission of biometric data in specialized places, for example, banks, public service centers, etc.

Face ID works with anonymized data and does not collect or transfer any user information to third parties.

The main features of Face ID are high recognition accuracy and speed as well as system flexibility for different tasks and requirements.

Face ID can be used as a completely independent solution or be integrated into software or product through a convenient API.