Self-service kiosk
Self-service kiosk
The self-service Kiosk is a hardware and software suite that is integrated with POS systems of the catering establishment. It includes a self-checkout, an electronic queue management system and a kitchen order management module. The kiosk allows customers to place orders and pay without a cashier.
Watch a video of the self-service Kiosk at the facility
Self-service kiosk
Advantages for corporate customers:
  • SMS picks a solution to match the constraints, budget and unique requirements of the business customer
  • SMS software can be integrated with iiko, r_keeper and 1C; no specialized costly licenses are required
  • the solution helps cut POS costs by replacing the cashier. The costs are reduced by up to 50% during the first year and by up to 90% during the following years
  • The self-service Kiosk helps increase the average purchase value by increasing ordering speed
  • SMS carries out installation and commissioning without interrupting facility operation
  • corporate customers can have the enclosure of the self-service kiosk branded with their logo
Advantages for visitors:
  • The self-service kiosk increases ordering speed and qualitatively improves the process of ordering and collecting the order
  • the solution reduces the risk of COVID-19 infection