A Micromarket is an autonomous replacement for office cafeterias. A Micromarket is a smart shop in which the goods are freely available to the customer. Purchasing a product is quick and easy: the guest takes a product from a shelf or from a refrigerator, scans it with a barcode reader and pays for it with a bank card or an RFID card.
Advantages for corporate customers:
  • SMS installs cameras to eliminate fraud
  • our software monitors the fill factor of the Micromarket and checks product freshness 24 hours a day
  • SMS can implement a loyalty program for rewarding regular customers with discounts
  • SMS software can be integrated with iiko, r_keeper and 1C; no specialized costly licenses are required.
  • corporate customers can have the Micromarket branded with their logo
Advantages for visitors:
  • the purchasing interface of the Micromarket is convenient and easy to understand
  • Purchases in the smart shop can be made 24/7
  • the solution reduces the risk of COVID-19 infection