Smart refrigerator
Smart refrigerator
Smart refrigerator is an AI-based product that combines the functions of a refrigerator and a self-checkout. The door of the Smart refrigerator only opens after a payment card or an RFID card is scanned with a reader. The goods are written off automatically after the Smart refrigerator is closed.
Smart refrigerator
Advantages for corporate customers:
  • The solution uses an electronic lock and a special acquiring service to make RFID and bank card-based payments easy and convenient
  • our software monitors the fill factor of the Smart Refrigerator and checks product freshness 24 hours a day SMS can implement a loyalty program for rewarding regular customers SMS software can be integrated with iiko, r_keeper and 1C; no specialized costly licenses are required corporate customers can have the Smart refrigerator branded with their logo corporate customers may lease the solution using programmes of our partner banks
Advantages for visitors:
  • The Smart refrigerator ensures rapid product delivery by recognizing the products on the shelves using machine vision and neural networks
  • the goods picked by the guest are shown on a touchscreen
  • with a Smart refrigerator, purchases can be made 24/7
  • the solution reduces the risk of COVID-19 infection