automate the receipt of orders for ordering dishes from the chef, which are prepared on the spot (wok, shawarma, etc.)
Implemented tasks to achieve the goal:

customized software for a self-service kiosk was developed, the necessary equipment was thought out, purchased and installed
Implementation period:

in November 2020, a self-service kiosk was launched (implementation period – 3 weeks)

with the advent of the self-service kiosk, the number of purchases of dishes from the chef increased by 30% (from 70 to 100 dishes per day)
the satisfaction of visitors from purchasing dishes through a self-service kiosk increased due to the convenient process of creating and paying for an order (according to user surveys)
Economic effects:

for November 2020 – March 2021, it was earned for 630 thousand rubles. more than before the introduction of the self-service kiosk and for April 2021 – April 2022 (for 12 months) will be earned by 1.5 million rubles. more than before the launch of the kiosk